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Download ver1.52


Copy the OpenSubdiv-MPS.dlm file to any plugin directory of 3dsmax.

Change List:

-fixed crash which edit vertex/edge weight before crease on editable/edit poly

-add support 3dsmax2019

-add support 3dsmax2018
-We removed GPU support. Because Autodesk is not open API for GPU on viewport preview. If Autodesk include these API in the SDK, we may back GPU support at that time.
So, currently TBB mode is fastest and recomended solver.
Therefore, we are providing just one file for each version of max(we don't need node plugin for render PCs anymore).
-we removed support for max2012 and 2013.

-Add support 3dsmax2017
-Don't need to install nVidia dll anymore

-re packag plugins. Previous vesion is not contain in the correct version of plugins for max 2012-2014.

-When using the 2015 Extension version, Vertex and Edge Crease are now enabled by default
-Fixed a crash when OpenSubDivMPS is instanced
-Fixed an issue that caused OpenSuvDiv to not update properly when using other modifiers

-Optimized the plugin for overall FPS improvements while animating
-Fixed a crash when using Direct Connect and crease values

-Smooth Crease UVs and UV Connect has been optimized for much faster results
-Smooth Crease UVs were previously calculated when using Smooth (Always Sharp), calculations will no longer happen as the FVAR Boundary should always be sharp with this option
-An issue where Smooth Crease UVs and UV Connect didn't work together has been resolved
-Fixed a crash for CUDA and Direct Compute modes when using UV connect
-Fixed an issue where CUDA and Direct Compute modes would not use Smooth Crease UVs properly for the Alpha, Color, and Illumination channels
-Fixed a crash that happened when using multiple OpenSubdivs-MPSs
-Fixed a crash that happened when using Undo and Redo

-Fixed an Isoline Diplay bug that did not display the edges properly
-Fixed an Isoline Display crash

- Isoline Display feature enabled
- Added TBB support
- Added Max2015 Extension 1 Support - With Extension 1 we have enabled Edge and Vertex Crease support, earlier versions will continue to use Edge and Vertex Weights
- Fixed crashes with UV connect
- Fixed crashes with Smooth Crease UVs
- Added feature about Detect GPU. If You use AMD or Intel GPU, CUDA is disabling.

- Added 3dsmax2012 and 3dsmax2013 support
- Fixed a bug with edge and vertex creases causing a crash
- Fixed a bug when using the Cut tool the mesh would not update and crash
- Fixed a bug when using the Cut tool that mesh would have holes

- first release


Subdivision Level:

Sets the number of times the mesh is subdivided. When you increase this value,

Render Level:
Lets you choose a different number of iterations to be applied to the object at render time.

Isoline Display:
When on, displays only edges of the original object.

Subdivision Type:

Applies a uniform refinement scheme to the coarse faces of a mesh. The mesh converges closer to the limit surface with each iteration of the algorithm.

Feature Adaptive Subdivision is not comming in this version...

Edges and Corners:
All the boundary edge-chains are sharp creases and boundary vertices with exactly two incident edges are sharp corners

Edges Only:
All the boundary edge-chains are sharp creases; boundary vertices are not affected
The following rule sets and options can be applied to facevarying data interpolation

Bilinear interpolation (no smoothing)

Smooth(Edge Only):
Smooth UV

Same as "Smooth(Edge Only)" but does not infer the presence of corners where two facevarying edges meet at a single face

Smooth(Always Sharp):
Smooths facevarying values only near vertices that are not at a discontinuous boundary. All vertices on a discontinuous boundary are subdivided with a sharp rule (interpolated through). This mode is designed to be compatible with ZBrush and Maya's "smooth internal only" interpolation.
Propagate Corners:
"Smooth(Edge/Corner)" mode can further be modified by the Propagate Corner flag.

UV Connect:
Opensubdiv is creating separate UV faces. This option follows original UV and connects each faces.

Smooth Crease UVs:
Opensubdiv can not create smooth UVs with Crease effects. This option allow to create smooth UVs with Crease effects.

It is possible to modify the subdivision rules to create piecewise smooth surfaces containing infinitely sharp features such as creases and corners. As a special case, surfaces can be made to interpolate their boundaries by tagging their boundary edges as sharp.
We have to use "weight" parameter for the crease which inside of the Sub-object level of Editable poly.
Crease data is related with Subdivision Levels, When Subdivition level is 3, we get the most sharp result by 3.0 weight number. When Subdiv level is 6, we need the 6.0 for shapest result.
No smoothing is applied to creases

Chaikin's curve subdivision algorithm improves the appearance of multi-edge semi-sharp creases with vayring weights. The Chaikin rule interpolates the sharpness of incident edges.
Vertex Crease:
If this option is checked, vertex crease effect is enabled.
If this option is checked, all of the vertex crease data replaced with this parameter.

Edge Crease:
If this option is checked, edge crease effect is enabled.
If this option is checked, all of the edge crease data replaced with this parameter.

Smooth Triangles:
This option get triangles subdivide more smoothly.

This mode is using only CPU.
This mode is using only CPU but this is woriking with multithrredding.
This mode is using Cuda. This mode needs Nvidia video card and lastest driver.
Direct Compute(GPU):
This mode is using DirectX. This mode needs GPU with DirectX.

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